Stolen Girlfriends Club nods to the Gothic

Nestled amoungst the tough leather outfits capped with slouchy knit beanies, the towering platform boots and other glam-grunge standards, Stolen Girlfriends Club’s fall 2012 look book stores some lace dresses that nod to Riccardo Tisci. Like Tisci’s designs for Givenchy these pieces are delicate in their mesh lace yet Gothic in their detailing (some even have ribcage-like designs down the centre). They’re sheer yet simplified pieces ripe for the plucking by a young audience. They’re also not for the faint hearted.

Of course that’s not to say you couldn’t wear them over a slip, or even under. The same lace made as a top has multifaceted applications within the lookbook: worn elegantly with wool wide leg pants, worn with sporty felt shorts, worn under fetishy leather overalls. The versatility of these lace pieces no doubt means they’ll be a big seller for the brand.

A wide-ranging collection, Stolen Girlfriends Club‘s latest offering traverses everything from knitted hot pants to slouchy knits, petal-hemmed skirts and leather pedal pushers, elegant maxi dresses to cropped bustiers to feather-fur coats.

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