10 most breathtaking haute couture gowns

Haute couture by definition is clothing that’s custom made – not purchased off-the-rack. That’s lead to an association with creative freedom, designers and fashion house’s being able to showcase what they’re capable of in terms of their craftsmanship and creativity. The fall 2012 haute couture runway shows spanned aesthetics from the elegant and minimal (showing you’re a master tailor is important, too) to the mildly insane. But what we’re looking for today is neither of those. We’re singling out the kinds of floor-sweeping, embellished, breathtaking and beautiful gowns that couture runways inevitably produce – and that we all, inevitably, love to feast our eyes on.

Here are 10 couture gowns most fit for a fairytale:

1.  Zuhair Murad

If Murad was in fairytale land, then this particular black lace gown would be found in the wardrobe of Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen. But with it’s off-the-shoulder black lace, it’s also delicately beautiful enough for any belle of the ball.

2. Georges Hobeika 

Georges Hobeika’s aquamarine strapless gown is not only an impressive feat of embellishment, it also channels the mythical mermaid, flowering out into a fan of fishscales at the bottom.

3. Giorgio Armani 

Prive If Armani’s collection mirrored the changing sky from dusk til dawn, then this dark sequinned gown is the starry night personified. It feels like something you might find amidst the drama of a 1920s silent film.

4. Valentino 

Embroidered sheer fabric and a cape of oriental silk. Valentino’s couture runway had more obvious showstoppers, but it was the Eastern influence that was the most unique; making this the blushing beauty of the collection.

5. Basil Soda 

Gold continues to be a major trend, and Basil Soda’s burnished, beaded take didn’t hold back on the detail.

6. Versace 

Leave it to Donatella to make something both beautiful and sexy. Versace’s bodice of tiny buckles had visual impact softened only by the bursts of sheer organza spilling out from under it.

7. Elie Saab 

Elie Saab’s embellished lace dresses were not only impressively detailed, but they followed the lines of the body in the most feminine of ways. Another jackpot for gold.

8. Elie Saab 

OK, so we have two from Saab – let’s just say that from this collection you could easily kit out an entire fairytale kingdom, let alone a single princess. Saab’s full-skirted gowns had a different appeal to those of the form-fitting lace variety and he is no doubt one of my all time fav designers.

9.Yiqing Yin 

When hard sci-fi futurism and the softness of feathers come together to create something so otherworldly, it’s hard to draw your eyes away. Yiqing Yin did that with this closing gown.

10. Chanel 

It started off with grey boucle suiting and crescendoed to an unapologetically voluminous snow-queen wedding dress. The sparkling icing on the couture Chanel cake.


  1. So many amazing gowns! I am blown away by the technical difficulties of creating some of them, especially #9!

  2. I think that they are all beautiful and I wish I could afford to by number 10

  3. They are all so amazing I wish I could afford number 1 & 8 and fit them too..lol