Muted with statement

Every woman must at least have one or two statement necklaces in their jewellery box. It is the chicest way to make an outfit look well put together, especially if your style tends towards the monochromatic or the muted.

A black and white outfit, like this street style snap taken in Paris, remains chic because of the colourful, statement bib-necklace. Add to it the snakeskin bag that she is carrying and the stacked up bracelets on her arm, and you have a look dominated by subtlety but accented by statement.

Note also that the colours of her necklace are almost the same as the colours of her bag and her bracelets. It’s an interesting choice of styling because, even if there is more than one statement accessory to the look, the over all feeling remains unified.

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  1. The necklace is lovely, but her skirt is just divine.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold