Rumi Neely: Gothic 1920's

If you dont know who Rumi Neely is, you might be living under a rock. A lot of people admire her ability to mix and match clothes that would be totally wrong for some but work well for her. Her style is fairly classic but she always makes sure that there are hints of edginess there.

Rumi knows how to play with clothes and this street style photo taken in Paris is the perfect example on why she does it so well.

Nothing is girlier than a feather dress like Rumi’s 1920s inspired frock. She balanced it out with a leather biker jacket and a snakeskin bag. Her outfit hits the balance between looking very chic and looking very badass, which is a hard balance to find sometimes. She played with texture and volume in the right way and she made this all-black outfit look effortless and Parisian chic.

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