Balancing toughness, the model way

What is the first thing one would think when a woman with rock n roll attitude walks by wearing leather from head to toe? Most likely that’s she’s tough. It takes a lot of attitude for a girl to wear leather and not look like a cliché biker chick. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can wear all this leather but not look too rock chic, and here is a nice example on how you can just do it. You can give a feminine touch to a very masculine type of fabric just like this off-duty model in London.

She toned down her all leather look with a floral button up shirt that gave softness to her whole bad-ass outfit. This really is the best of both worlds because what else can be more girly than a floral top and more masculine than a leather jacket and leather pants? Her nail polish perfectly matches her red floral top and her side part hairstyle is slick and yet effortless.

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