Studs and brocade

Giovanna Battaglia is one of the most photographed women by street style photographers during the fashion weeks. Her style is very chic and classic with a twist: the twist being in either in the details of what she is wearing or the accessory she is carrying. She always tends to get away with mixing and matching two trends as she carries it very effortlessly and confidently.

There is a subtle way to wear two trends at one time, you just have to choose which trends would go well together and pull it off with ease. Here is how you can do it:

Giovanna chose shades of two colours, green and gold and stuck with them all throughout her outfit. She’s wearing a jewel-studded Prada coat, softened with a green and gold knee length brocade dress. She finished off the look with metallic silver and black sandals and a small handbag.

Brocade and studs work well together because they balance each other out appearance wise.

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