Layered in Paris

While primarily meant to keep you warm, layering has also become a way to create a fashion statement. It’s easy to take random items from your closet and just put them all together but if you truly want to look your best chic self then you should choose the items you will layer carefully. Take a look at this ensemble we saw at the Chloe show in Paris:

The brown leather pencil cut skirt looks great with the tights and the ankle boots. The brown and black really worked well, complementing each other. A pleated top under a plain white sweater creates a really laid back feel to the ensemble. The sweater gave much needed contrast to the almost monotonous color scheme of the outfit. The true standout piece in this outfit is the coat: made to look like it’s layered even though it’s not, it’s a gorgeous play on shapes and a perfect mix of chic and grungy. The outfit is then accessorized with a simple white envelope clutch.

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