A touch of floral

Every woman ends up with wearing black whenever she is at a dead end of choosing an outfit for the day. After all, it is the reason why the little black dress is an important essential in everyone’s closet. Nothing is wrong with that, but you don’t always have to wear black from head to toe as it is nice to add some colour and texture to your whole ensemble. There are a lot of ways on how you inject some fun into your outfit – here’s one example:

She’s wearing a black fur vest, black sheer skirt and black high heels (also, notice that her toenails are also painted black) with a pink and green floral top. The hint of floral that we see is totally refreshing because it really pops out against the sea of black. The look is ultra feminine, and the sheer skirt plus the floral pop of colour and the fur vest balances out the dark look.

This look was photographed in Milan.


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    1. ahhh, thank you so much!
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