Prada Spring / Summer 2013

To be honest, the only fashion weeks that pay any relevance are Paris and Milan. We fawn over the clothes and enjoy the backstage antics, but it’s hard work and preparation that goes on for hours before a collection takes to the runway that brings all the magic and the mood together. That’s why we have here captured all the beauty looks at Prada’s spring/summer 2013 showing at Milan fashion week.

Trust Miuccia Prada to take a trend that’s been lingering on the edges, and spin it into new light. For spring/summer 2013 she created a kind of 60s flower-power Geisha girl: orientalism made mod and tied up in an origami bow.

The Japanese inspired garb at Prada’s Milan fashion week show had elements of the traditional but with plenty of whimsical ‘Pradaisms’ thrown in for good measure (to borrow a term from Redken hairstylist Guido Palau backstage at the show). And speaking of hair it was an unusual mix of elegant and punkish – French twist at the back and mohawk-like bangs at the front – while Geisha-like red lips and towering Okobo-style shoes completed the Prada girl.

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