Festival style at Tomorrowland

In recent years, Music Festivals have festered with a certain type of uniform, consisting of neon, denim, fringe and over-bared skin, accompanied by plastic raver glasses or literal interpretations of John Lennon glasses. While the ties these looks have to the music festival scene might be obvious, they have also become a fashion crutch.

There is some humor in this – as for many, music festivals are a time for free expression and to celebrate elements of art and culture. And yet here we are, succumbing to an ‘indie-culture’ of the masses. Sure, wearing only the top half of a pair of denim shorts and a boob tube (crop tops are no longer crop tops when they are as small as your bra) could arguably play to the historical relevance of baring all at the most famous festivals of all time such as Woodstock. But let’s be honest – when done wrong, it comes across more like an obnoxious cry for attention than any declaration of freedom.

So when you spot someone who is going against the grain, no matter how loud that grain might be, you take notice. Sure, Tomorrowland had its share of nearly nude neon clad peer pressure second-tier hipsters. But it also had the confident ones who decided to do their own thing. Nearly entirely covered up, this stunning concert goer stood out – not only because she was more dressed than anyone else in the crowd, but also because of how she carried herself. The toughness of a classic motorcycle jacket and aviator sunglasses was balanced by a subtly sheer light-knit sweater for a look that is sexy, subtle and confident – and incredibly impactful. Sometimes the confidence to wear what suits your own personality, despite the trends, is the most alluring accessory of all.

Photo Credit: Mike Van Cleven

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