Channeling ’80s Kylie and winning? We can all be so lucky.

Embracing fluffy blonde spiral curls and girl-next-door makeup is like embracing Kylie Minogue circa I Should Be So Lucky (i.e. 1988). Only in Sebastian Cviq‘s world where Dorota Kumosinska is in charge of hair and makeup, the nod to the 80s is done with absolute modernity. Urban Groove stars model Anna Maria as the neo-80s cool girl, styled by Ewelina Szcząchor with clashes of colour and print that also tip their hat – in this case a bejewelled sun-visor – to that same era. It’s the best of the ’80s though, worn knowingly, worth replicating for a style that turns heads while staying casual and cool.

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  1. What a beautiful! Kyle Minogue's style is awesome!