Trailer park luxury

Fashion and irony have a love-hate relationship that’s as confused as it is confusing to those who don’t get it. Like when the uncool becomes cool because it’s uncool, or when genuine luxury products are styled to look a little like fakes – or at least like they’re being worn by someone who might wear their Gucci with their Louis Vuitton and expect no-one to notice. Wonderland Magazine seems in on that phenomenon if this editorial, cleverly styled by Julia Sarr Jamois, is anything to go by. Josephine Skriver’s dark roots, near-garish accessorising (never bordering onto uncool), and trailer park hangout suggest luxury in unexpected places. Sarr Jamois not only gives crop tops a completely different feel (no retro pinups here, they’re imbued instead with a 90s trash-glam-gone-luxe aesthetic) it’s also a lesson in spring layering.

When things work not in spite of the fact that they shouldn't but because they shouldn’t: this could just be one of those times.
Full shoot by Mark Kean, which is from Wonderland’s April/May 2012 issue.

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