Lil bake shop: weekend watch

The season’s pastel colours and retro-inspired bodysuits have been giving many creative teams visions of glamorised 1950s daily life. But Amber Gray looked at them and saw a sugar-induced dreamland of cakes and candy.

The characters populating Amber Gray’s candy kingdom are so colourful they could make Katy Perry look dull in comparison. Let’s face it, when your hair, makeup, nails and even skin are painted and iced in edible colours, you quickly turn into the sweetest of walking desserts. Yet somehow Gray’s mischievous cake store girls aren’t undesirably girlish. Styled by Guillaume Boulez they instead have a dreamy, sugary sensuality that’s as provocative as it is perfect.


All things considered – hair, makeup, styling and fantastic photography, and cinematography by Julian Bernstein – this makes for one of the most delectable editorials we’ve seen in a long time.
As featured in Marie Claire China.

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