The conflict, the passion

Religion and sexuality are, in photographer Nican J. Robinson‘s words, “two very contrasting yet powerful ideals. The two are seemingly worlds apart, however religious imagery is filled with passion, love, and even lust.” But while many editorials have tackled the religion vs sexuality theme in the past, most have done so with smouldering looks and revealing outfits transposed to a churchly setting or theological theme. They convey the contrast, but not the conflict. Robinson’s shoot For Thou Forsaketh Me “explores one girl’s struggle with that contrast” and does so with spectacular levels of raw emotion.

Fay Leshner brings the element of youthful rebellion with her styling, Yalun Xi with artful hair and makeup. Model Stephanie Cam brings an emotional rollarcoaster of defiance, passion, guilt and despair to Robinson’s haunting images.

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