Battle scarred and stronger

A physical wound may leave a scar on the skin, but it’s the indelible scar on one’s psyche that can’t be forgotten, can’t be covered with makeup or stitched up with thread. Those mental scars are the ones that are burn every time the ex-soldier hears the sound of fireworks and mistakes them for gunfire, every time the car accident surviver hears the sound of scraping metal, or the abuse victim turns to see a face in a crowd that resembles their abuser. And sometimes the only way to let that type of scar heal is by wearing it openly, talking about it, and letting the world know you’re tough enough to survive it.

In Sasha Samsonova’s shoot for Bambi Magazine, Lola Dikova wears her blood and bruises like a victory medal. Unlikely fashion accessories they may be, but in this shoot a blood nose is all part of the attitude. In this shoot the physical battle scars are there to prove Nietzsche right: what doesn’t kill us really does make us stronger.

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