The mod bob

The 60s might be long gone, but that's not to say that its Mod vibes are any less alluring. With the 1960s very much a part of the fashion scene again, our attention turns to the hairstyles and hair cuts that not only have overtones of the decade, but also romanticise it. And romantic is precisely what the Mod bob is.

When John F Kennedy was quoted saying, “Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future,” the world should have given him credit for the not-so-closeted fashioniser in him.

In reality Kennedy was, without a doubt, talking about something much more serious in terms of politics, leadership, economy and technology, but you’ll know how we like to interpret words, images and clothes.

But despite the fact that fashion is always progressing towards the future, the coming year is all about anything but that. So much so, that it’s the perfect year for those of us who are nostalgic and cannot stop dreaming of the past, and an equally perfect year for those wont to follow fashion designers whose creative minds draw inspiration from the years gone by.

While there are certainly other decades of influence, one of the biggest 2012 fashion trends that’s defining the year is the 1960s fashion revival. First runway shows aplenty had a sixties-makeover and then the London look presented us with a modern Swinging Sixties muse. With many a fashion accessory also taking inspiration from the sixties, it was almost certain that women’s hairstyles would quickly get in-line with the evolving trend.

Arizona Muse & Daphne Groeneveld: Self Service, issue 35

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