Girls who look like boys

Would it be fair to say that androgyny is an attitude? Sure, a set of features that sway a little to one side of the gender divide, at least in the bounds of society’s usual perceptions, makes a difference; but beyond that a boy who has a feminine grace or a girl who wears a masculine attitude are the most convincing androgynes.

Peter Coulson took that notion and turned it into this photo series, titled, unambiguously, Girls Who Look Like Boys. They’re certainly not boys, but in Hard Yakka overalls, hoddies, oversized shirts and boyfriend jeans (men’s underwear showing out the top, naturally), they could almost be. Add a cropped hairstyle or masculine quiff and the look has a rough, devil-may-care sexiness.

The cloud of beautiful confusion is at its strongest when the masculine attitude and styling contrasts against female forms.

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