Girl as boy, girl as girl

Some common threads of themes can be revisited and reinvented time and again: if done right, we’ll always be drawn to take notice. Here’s one you know: girl as boy seduces girl as girl. It’s the intrigue of a Sapphic theme magnified by the alluring confusion of androgyny. Akiss Paraskevopoulos‘ new take on the timeless plot forgoes the lingerie and lace stockings that are often the seductive styling of choice and instead decks out its leading ladies in vintage finery.

What’s left is a total contrast in silhouettes and styles: the full skirts, bustiers, heels and rolled hairdos of the feminine greatly vary from the velvet blazers, tailored pants, and slicked low chignons of the masculine.

 And in case you were in any doubt of the vintage inspirations, Paraskevopoulos’ finished shots burn with a polarised sepia tone amidst antique halos of light.

Reflecting the themes, the shoot takes the title of Masculin – Féminin. Starring Katerina Smit & Olya Gribova.

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