How to a keep a vintage look fresh

Sometimes there’s nothing more striking than an outfit that could have time travelled straight out of another era. But there’s a challenge: keeping it fresh. If the pieces are all original vintage they can be too worn out; you can end up looking like you’ve just stepped haphazardly out of a Salvation Army bin rather than through a time portal. This outfit worn by Natalie Joos in Paris is one that stays true to the ladylike aesthetic of the ’50s and ’60s and yet has all the vibrancy of the modern day. From the cat eye glasses and dainty kitten heels to the Prada bag – it all works in harmony.

So, how to achieve a look that’s both vintage and fresh at the same time?

Choose only pieces that fit you. A great vintage find is only worth your while if it actually suits you and fits you well. Avoid pieces that are too worn out or in poor condition.

Mix vintage pieces with new ones for a look that’s both authentic and current. A vintage dress can be made to feel new with the right accessories; or a new dress can be given a historical twist with an original vintage handbag or pair of shoes. The same can certainly apply to mens when it comes to accessories and suiting.

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