Frida’s kiss

From what I could gather from their faces most people hate the protracted wait that precedes a catwalk showing. And they hate hanging around afterwards even more, opting to abandon one venue for the next with much haste. Yet the time before and after can be something of a privilege for those wanting to study just how professional street style photographers do their thing. Watch them carefully and you’ll begin to note precisely what a street style photographer is good at and how they work. You’ll note that there are those whose eyes never stop flitting for the detail and, when spotted, swoop on it much like a hawk swoops on its prey. There are those photographers who take a look you might otherwise ignore, moving their subject to another location and posing them, taking more of a complete photo then a study of the clothes. And then there are those street style photographers who capture moments. Moments such as this one, which captures model Frida Gustavsson.

This particular moment was snapped by Nam of StreetFsn, and if you even have the chance to watch him work you’ll note that it’s he who is mastering the art of capturing the moment.

This particular moment sees Frida Gustavsson emerge from John Paul Gaultier‘s haute couture showing, her makeup still perfect from the catwalk though also noticeably different: the lipstick kiss on her cheek is from Gaultier’s lips. It’s a moment destined to be wiped off with make-up remover. And yet it was captured, and in being captured we can imagine both the before and after story.

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