Reworking a vintage wedding dress

While we often explore the glamour of the 1930s, it was also a decade unfortunately wedged between two world wars; still reeling from the effects of one and on the cusp of another, there was an austerity reflected in many things. An unostentatious wedding dress with a few well-made details could be counted amoung them.

Off-duty model Agnete Hegelund is, on the other hand, living in this wonderful era where even a vintage wedding gown is prime for everyday wear. Reworked and reimagined to perfection, all Agnete needs to turn this humble 1930s wedding dress into a modern staple is a vintage coach bag, a pair of Monolo Blahniks, and a demure demeanour that ties the whole look together.

With the twenties and thirties as eras strongly on the rise, this photo is inspiration that you don’t have to stick to the cliches. Look for those unique pieces from the era and bring them up to date with elegantly simple contemporary ideas, and you’ll be miles ahead come 2012.

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