Street Style: Allusion without theatrics

Every season invariably has its take on equestrian fashion. Sometimes it's a sole element, last spring's jodhpurs as daywear for instance, other times its thematic. Those other times include summer 2011, a season for which Spanish and Western equestrian are the dominant styles and the house of Hermes's spring 2011 collection their main instigator. Yet for all the collection's brilliance it offered up something heavily equestrian and heavily thematic. How then to style the look for every day? This way.

Coincidentally snapped on a street of Barcelona, the brimmed hat, bought from a costume store, perfectly alludes to the trend without any of the theatrics nor the need for other equestrian pieces. The rest of the look is finished off with clothing that is anything but equestrian: the skirt is Witchery and the bag is from Esprit.

This look was snapped by Tatel Velasquez.

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