Coachella cut-offs & boots

Going back a few months to Coachella
Music festivals play to different fashion rules. It part comes down to practicality and the weather, but mostly just to the whole spirit of the thing.

Coachella is living proof. There are not only hints of midriff but many a full stomach bared that would normally stay hidden. Short lengths have no boundaries (some not really even classifying as shorts they're so far shorter than short), bras can be worn as tops and crochet is absolutely mandatory, regardless of whether it's on-trend or not. And that's the whole point: it's about having fun and capturing the festival spirit.

If you want to strike the fine balance though, there are plenty of ways to do it. An outfit like this one does just that: short (but not too short) shorts and some hippy-inspired jewellery are strong foundations for a festival chic outfit.

Snapped by the lovely, Mr. Newton. Click here, for more pictures of the girls and styles at Coachella

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